Our Story

Greenes Free Range Eggs are based on their family farm in Rockfield, Rathaspick, Rathowen, Co. Westmeath. We have been farming and caring for the land over five generations. Our belief has always been rooted in good farming practices and traditional methods. Maintaining these practises and methods help us produce superior quality free range eggs while keeping the welfare of our animals at the highest standard.

Our Family

At Greenes Family Farm, we are always around to take special care of our hens. Keeping their safety as a number one priority helps ensure the highest quality eggs. We get up bright and early to make sure our birds are happy and their needs are catered for. Our family walk among the flock paying close attention to them, making sure they have everything they need and are in good health. We are always on hand to open their pop holes so they can freely roam our fresh pastures.

Extra Fresh – Free Range Eggs

At Greens Free Range Eggs, all our eggs are marketed as Extra Fresh. Each morning’s collection of eggs from our hens are taken to our on-farm packing centre where there are carefully hand checked and packed for you. We transport the eggs in our own vans each day to ensure they receive the extra fresh mark.

Small flock

Everything we do at Greenes Free Range Eggs is to provide you with superior quality eggs and to insure you know exactly how your food is produced, and in keeping with how eggs were produced generations flock size plays an importance role with bird behaviour , enhanced birds welfare , avoidance of stress on our birds , hens can freely express themselves, together with free excess to our rotating paddocks and woodlands you can be insured that we pay particular attention to bird welfare and believe that smaller flocks on Greenes Free range have considerable benefits to our birds.

Quality Feed and water

Our happy hens have a Constance supply of milled whole grain wheat feed, which has been fortified with minerals and vitamins, together with fresh clean water taken from our deep bore well on our farm and always available for our birds, we believe that the quality of our water plays a vital part insuring very healthy and contented hens while producing superior quality free range eggs.

Our fields selection and soil

The Greenes based on their family farm in Rockfield, Rathaspick, Rathowen, Co. Westmeath have been involved in farming and caring for the land for five generations, their believes have always been rooted in good farming practices and traditional methods insuring that quality products always reach the customer. In developing a superior quality free range eggs we wanted to insure that farming methods, animal welfare were of paramount importance, and in keeping with traditional farming methods as previous generations would have farmed.

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